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“Delightful baked treats! Do yourself a favour, and order as many cheese buttons as you possibly can – immediately!” – Aislinn R.

“The brioche makes me feel like I am on vacation…a real vacation” – Allyson M.

“There are no crumbs at the end of eating the bread, the buns or the cookies, because you won’t want to waste one particle of these wonderful baked goods.” Lynn S.

Theatre Artists Branching Out–Brenda Robins, Monique Lund, Arwen MacDonell

“Arwen’s baked goods are worth every penny. I ordered a Challah that was one of the most delicious, perfectly baked loaf I’ve had in years. The white bread loaf was most excellent an the cheese buttons are now officially one of my guilty pleasures. Backstage Bakeshop is now on my top list of non big commercial shops and I will remain a regular customer…” – Duncan M.

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